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Born in San Francisco, California, John Koller received his MFA from California State University, Long Beach in 2006. He currently lives and works in the Los Angeles area.

In 2002, John was selected as a member of Rotary International’s Group Study Exchange Program to Iceland. The exchange program is a prestigious opportunity for participants to exchange professional ideas and promote better cultural understanding between nations. While touring Iceland over 6 weeks, Koller met with many local artists and lectured about how his Bay Area roots have informed his unique creative experience.

John blends visual and tactile elements in ways that are personal and often unexpected. Slick-chunky. Hard-soft. Architectural-organic. Through the years, he has experimented with media in ways that question expectations of gender, style and culture. Fabric, resin, encaustic and found object are all part of this artist’s vocabulary- intent on surprising and seducing the viewer in new ways.

John Koller

John Koller